Thursday, December 22, 2016

Setting the environment for the SensorTag

Setting the environment for the SensorTag

In order to get data from the SensorTag, you must first pair your device with the computer. Only then, you will be able to interact with the SensorTag through the program.
In the following are the steps needed to establish communication with SensorTag:

Step 1. Make sure the computer's Bluetooth module is turned on.

Step 2. Turn on the Bluetooth on the SenorTag and make it discoverable. For this press the button on:

  • the left side (for CC2541) or
  • the top part (for CC2650)

of your SensorTag.  A green LED on the SensorTag will start to flash.

Step 3. Go to the “Manage Bluetooth Devices” window. You have several mode to go to the Manage Bluetooth Devices window:

  1. Press Windows+I on the keyboard to access Settingsselect from the left Bluetooth option;
  2. Click on the Start button (the lower-left place of the desktop) to expand Start Menu then select Settings select Devices select from the left Bluetooth option;
  3. From the lower-right double click on Bluetooth Device icon.

Step 4. Now, pair your SensorTag with the computer. All new SensorsTag found will be presented to the user with the label "Ready to pair". Click on one of these new devices and push the Pair button. If the SensorTag requires a passcode, you’ll be prompted for it. The password for TI’s SensorTags is 0. A small blue line indicates the pairing process development. When this finishes, with success, the device’s name switches to SensorTag 2.0 (for CC2650 BLE devices).

Step 5. Start the BLE SensorTag software.

Step 6. Push the Refresh SensorTag list button and select the desire SensorTag device.

Step 7.  Configure the SensorTag accordingly with your desires and click the button Set the values.

Or you can follow the same steps in video format:  

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