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The BLE SensorTag application

The BLE SensorTag (blessTags) application

Last time modified: September 27, 2018

        The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) SensorTag (blessTags) application is the only one application on the market able to manage five different SensorTags. The blessTags requires one of the Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs or Cypress BLE SensorTags to work.
Mainly, the blessTags application is able to set, communicate, use and display information from the following SensorTags:
  1. CC2541DK; 
  2. CC2650STK;
  3. Thunderboard React;
  4. Thunderboard Sense;
  5. WICED Sense2.

          This application, blessTags (BLE SensorTag application), allows to:
  1. set, communicate, use, display (in graphics and numeric ways) and save the information from each sensor or from all the sensors included on a specific SensorTags from the ones presented above - the available sampling rate is [150 ms ÷ 2.55 s] for CC2451 & CC2650 and [100 ms ÷ 20 min] for ThunderBoard React & Sense;
  2. interact with a SensorTag based on a set of exciting features: the gadgets. The gadgets are several practical applications: 
  • Compass.
  • Movement security systems - the blessTags is able to supervise the movements. If someone moves (even one centimeter) your luggage, door etc., the app will warn you audio and/or visually of this … and the thief will be caught.
  • Magnetic security system.
  • Remote control for the PC is a module which can send different commands from a SensorTag: (a) to any application running on Windows or (b) to the operating system.
  • Accelerometer mouse module allows you to replace the mouse with a SensorTag. The SensorTag can move the cursor on the screen and to replace the two mouse buttons with the buttons of the SensorTag.
  • Wireless presenters for PowerPoint.
    These applications use one or more sensors from a SensorTag to achieve a concrete, fully functional and useful application (hardware + software). 
  1. trigger a visual or/and an audible warning or/and a data recording process if an event will be generated – e.g. if the desired value (instantaneous, mean or variance), of a specific sensor, meet a condition or a series of conditions (is lower, higher, inside or outside of a specific range);
  2. using the activities feature, the blessTags application will execute different actions, when a specific event will take place. Actions like: run an application selected by the user, send an email or hibernate, lock, logoff, sleep, restart and shut down the device on which the blessTags is running;
  3. interrogate different types of unknown BLE devices - in order to be able to obtain the complete GATT attribute table for those particular unknown BLE devices.
  4. obtain the optimal Kalman filter parameters having as a source: (a) the MPU-9250 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – for CC2650 SensorTag or (b) IMU-3000 (gyroscope sensor) and KXTJ9 (acceleration sensor) – in the case of CC2541 SensorTag.
  5. in the developer mode, the software provides to the user with lots of messages obtained from the communication process with the SensorTag - these messages enable the user to identify the communication/configuration setbacks and some other problems.
This application,  blessTags (BLE SensorTags) application, can be downloaded from the Windows Store Apps: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9p054xsjjr1n.
The blessTags Lite application (the free version of blessTags) can be downloaded from the Windows Store Apps: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9mt2kgztfjf5.

           In the following film is presented the basic features of the application - set, communicate, use and display the information from the sensors embedded on a specific SensorTag. Other features (the working with unknown BLE device, tuning a Kalman filter, gadgets etc.) are presented in subsequent postings and movies.

And another video to show blessTags main functions from Thunderboard React & Sense point a view:

        Starting with the time moment 11.28 a demonstration with the wireless presenters for PowerPoint application is presented. 
         ... and several screenshots of the user interface:

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