BlessTags app. gives a new meaning to your SensorTag through the Gadgets.
A fantastic app.
able to manage 6 of the most used SensorTag on the market.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Q&A (question and answer) section

      In this section of this blog, I will answer the various questions from users of the blessTags application. So, if you have questions on which do you have not found answers in the pages of this blog, please email me at mdobrea at - I will answer at each of them. If a question is repeated constantly by many users or the response to a specific question concerns more users of the blessTags application, I will post the answer to it on this page.

  1. What is it the blessTags application main advantage comparing with other similar application?
  2. How many hours do you spend on the development of the blessTagsapplication?


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  2. How are you connecting directly to your pc through the sensortag? I am able to pair it to my laptop through blutooth but am not able to recieve data from the sensor.