BlessTags app. gives a new meaning to your SensorTag through the Gadgets.
A fantastic app.
able to manage 6 of the most used SensorTag on the market.

Monday, May 20, 2019

What is it the blessTags application main advantage comparing with other similar application?

     The main advantage and, in the same time, the main “feature” of the blessTags is given by the fact the blessTags application is a software package in continuous development – it is not a dead project. The blessTags was improved, and it is, and it will be improved continuously based on the user's feedback, the wishes to implement new useful features and to increase the speed and the reliability of the application and, not in the last, to correct the potential errors. As a good example, in a few days, a new version with substantial improvements will be released.
      The Gadget gives another significant advantage to the blessTags comparing with other application on the market. The Gadgets are several practical and independent applications able to use one or more sensors from a specific SensorTag, in order to achieve a fully functional, and useful application.

     Not in the last, the ability to work with six different SensorTag it is another significant advantage. The blessTags application can manage the following SensorTags: CC2541DK, CC2650STK (both produced by Texas Instruments) Thunderboard React, Thunderboard Sense (Silicon Labs), Thingy:52 (Nordic Semiconductors) and  WICED Sense2 (Cypress).

Do you want to test it? Please download the free version: blessTags Lite.
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