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Thursday, November 24, 2016

A BLE SensorTag blog

Here we go! Finally I started my own blog !

     In this blog I will write different news regarding an application developed by me: BLE SensorTags - blessTags. The BLE SensorTag application is able, for the moment, to work only with CC2541CC2650 (SensorTags from Texas Instrument CompanyThunderBoard React, ThunderBoard Sense (both devies produced by Silicon Labs Company) and with unknown type of BLE devices. A series of images of the blessTags application is presented below.

This blessTags (BLE SensorTag) application can be downloaded from the Windows Store Apps:
blessTags main user interface

blessTags SensorTag configuration
blessTags data visualization in graphical and numerical way

blessTags - obtaining the optimal Kalman filter parameters
blessTags - developer mode
    The articles to be presented here will mainly focus on: how to work with this application, how this application works, its features, the functionality implemented in the new modules, how can be maximized performances of different SensorTag devices, other information regarding the rules of physics implied in the working principles of different type of sensor that compose SensorTag devices etc.