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Monday, June 26, 2017

Motion security system


      The motion security system is an application able to work only with CC2650 SensorTag. This limitation is mainly due to a unique capability of the CC2650 to wake-on-movement (shake detection).
      The movement sensor (MPU9250), embedded on the CC2650 SensorTag, uses an interrupt for the wake-on-movement function. In this mode, the CC2650 SimpleLink multi-standard 2.4 GHz ultra-low power wireless MCU stay almost all time in shutdown consuming only 100 nA

      When a shake is detected, the movement sensor (MPU9250) uses an interrupt to wake on the MCU. After this, the SensorTag will provide the movement data for 10 seconds before entering the MPU in the low power state. In this mode, the CC2650 SensorTag saves energy and it will prolong the battery life.

Practical application

      Problem - let's assume the following scenario:
  • you are at an airport and you have to wait 4 hours until your plane leaves;
  • under these circumstances, you decide to finish the presentation that you just have to sustain tomorrow, or why not, to watch the last episode of your favorite movie.
But, during the whole working/recreation period, your luggage remains unattended.

      Use an CC2650 SensorTag and the blessTags application. So:
  1. start the SensorTag, 
  2. pair with your laptop, 
  3. start the Motion security system gadget’s application, and
  4. take care of your activities without any concern. 
      The problem is solved! If someone moves, even one centimeter your luggage, the app will warn you audio and/or visually of this fact … and the thief will be caught.  

A demonstration movie for the Motion Security System gadget

Application 1: thieves protection system


Application 2: warning system for the arrival of the boss, wife, best friend etc.

This application,  blessTags (BLE SensorTags) application, can be downloaded from the Windows Store Apps:

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