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able to manage 6 of the most used SensorTag on the market.

Friday, January 25, 2019

A new release of the blessTags application

      In this version, the software is able to manage a wonderful new SensorTag: Nordic Thingy:52 – produced by Nordic Semiconductor. The following SensorTag’s characteristics are supported:  accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, orientation, temperature, humidity, barometer, color, key, output lines, LED, and the sensor configuration. The integration with gadgets was done at the level of compass, wireless presenters for PowerPoint and remote control for PC applications.
      The blessTags applications fully support events (able to trigger a visual or/and an audible warning or/and a data recording process) and activities (several different actions will be executed when a specific event will take place) for the Nordic Thingy:52 SensorTag.
     Two new options (only in the full version) were introduced in the configuration panel. These options allow to: (a) set the priority for the blessTags application and (b) remove several of the blessTags restrictions. 
    Regarding the first option, from the configuration menu, based on it a priority level for the application can be selected. Five different priorities are allowed:   Realtime - highest priority, High, Above normal, Normal (the program priority by default) and Below normal. This option can be used mainly to improve the speed of the data acquisition, especially when we use a faster SensorTag like Nordic Thingy:52 (with a movement data acquisition up to 200 Hz) or a modified software version for the CC2650STK.
     The second configuration option removes several software restrictions, such as (a) the lower limit used to acquire the acceleration for the CC2650STK or (b) the Device Name (0x2A00 characteristic) – right now a custom name can be used for each SensorTag.
     For a short video demonstration please see the following movie.

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Friday, January 11, 2019

2 Instances of the blessTags app. – a practical application

    Starting with the blessTags version a new configuration option was introduced. This option (the first option from the figure presented below) allows executing one instance or many instances (the number of instances it is not limited) of the blessTags application. The blessTags Lite application allows only one instance of the application to run at one-time moment. 

    In this mode, an instance of the blessTags application can manage one type of SensorTag (e.g. CC2650STK) and another instance of the blessTags application can manage another SensorTags (e.g. ThunderBoard Sense).  Using this approach, you can supervise several parameters from a plant, simultaneously in two different places, and generate warnings or sends emails when a specific state is recognized.

Media Player Classic control

    Another practical application is presented in the following.  In the Gadgets tools set, using the Remote Control application several different Windows programs (3 different types of media players, PowerPoint or Adobe) can be controlled using the buttons from a SensorTag. Other specific remote control commands can be easily defined by a user.
    In the following movie, it is presented a practical application to control the Media Player Classic using two different SensorTags. The first SensorTag is used to play/pause a movie or to get to the next video. To do this a specific predefined list sets of commands is used. The second SensorTag is used to control the volume of the Media Player Classic – one button for volume up and the second button for volume down. The association between the buttons and the Media Player Classic’s volume commands is done using the user-defined list of remote commands.

    Please watch the movie, do it all the steps presented and enjoy a custom application of two instances of the blessTags app.

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