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Friday, June 21, 2019

A new release

       The release with the number is a significant update of the previous version - with more than 2500 new lines of code.
        In this new version, the main improvements regard the Nordic Thingy: 52 SensorTag.
       Now, from the SensorTag, we can acquire and display the quaternions, gravity vector, rotation matrix, and heading angle. All this information are presented by the blessTags application in a new panel, see the following figure. This panel is active only in the full version of the blessTags app.

        The quaternions and gravity vector can also be displayed in graphical format too – with all the options that already exist in all graphical data display (auto scale, filtering, traces show, color, and weight).

       Also, to be able to correlate the information between {acceleration, gyroscopic movement, magnetic position}, and {quaternions, heading angle, gravity vector and heading angle} a “send to clipboard” function was implemented in “More movement data” panel.

        Several robustness improvements were made in the acquisition process from Nordic Thingy: 52 SensorTag. Therefore, all the code was: (a) reorganized in several different threads, and (b) several time delaying operations were removed and optimized. One of the results: a new configuration option was introduced.
       Because one of the most time-consuming operations is data displaying on the user interface, when the acquisition frequency is very high (like in the situation of Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:52 SensorTag) the blessTags application will be unable to take in time the entire steam of data events, due to the time spent in data displaying operations. To solve this problem, in an all-day acquisition the data from sensors will be posted to the user every 250 ms (four times in a second) – this approach is also the default one for the Lite version of the blessTags. To circumvent this approach, please check the box “Display text information in real time” from the configuration panel – see the following figure. Now, the data will be posted at the acquisition frequency set by the user. 

This option (“Display text information in real time”) is used only for the Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:52 SensorTag and affects only the display operations. The data acquisition frequency is the one selected by the application’s user, and this option does not influence it.
     Based on all these improvements, the acquisition of the movement process (especially at higher speed) is more stable and reliable.
     The saving function (presented only in the full version) was updated too. First, the blessTags data, acquired now from quaternions and gravity vector (starting with the version, can be saved along with all the other information obtained from the SensorTags. Second, all the saving processes are implemented in a different thread – as a result, the saving function has almost no impact on Bluetooth data acquisition process.
     The temperature, starting with this version, can be displayed in Kelvin and Rankine for all SensorTags.
       Several issues were corrected:
  1. Two errors related to buffers overflow, when interrogating an unknown Bluetooth Low Energy device – these errors appeared only in the development mode;
  2. Several displaying errors (a data overlapping and a spelling error);
  3. One error in saving function – the error was related with data buffer size allocation;
  4. Two problems in the help menu, also the help was improved; 
  5. A deficient conditioning in the CC2650 configuration panel;
  6. A reading method error - from data transfer function between the blessTags and the Texas Instruments SensorTags (CC2650STK and CC2541DK). Now the reading method, of data transfer, is working flawlessly.
Do you want to test the new version? Please download the free version: blessTags Lite.
Do you like it? Please install the full version: blessTags.
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